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Working Remotely, but Feeling Close to Your Team

What is Oraroo?

Oraroo improves the operational performance of professional service, outsourcing and it companies. Oraroo is an integrated system that centralizes Human Resource Flows and Project Management in such companies, being the complete solution for managing the work and relationship with employees in the context of remote work.

How does Oraroo Help Service Companies?

Oraroo efficiently supports the entire company through its functionalities, addressing all perspectives of specific operational activities of service companies:

  1. Management Perspective:

Oraroo helps Company Management to monitor and  optimize the performance of team members in relation to project objectives and long-term company goals. Additionally, based on the data provided by Oraroo, Management is guided in decision-making processes and strategic plan creation processes, which are developed both at the micro level, in point-of-work teams, and macro, at the level of the whole business.

Specifically, Oraroo offers to Managers:

  • Organization of internal projects and service delivery to clients: Project team planning and related contract management;
  • Analytical tools for monitoring company projects; estimates and reports related to contracts, costs, and project profitability;
  • Analytical tools for monitoring teams (HR perspective - People Analytics) and continuous team performance monitoring;
  • Approvals on operational flows for personnel and financial management
  • Review timesheets for invoicing;
  1. HR and Financial Department Perspective:

Through its functionalities, Oraroo ensures the automation of the company’s administrative processes in relation to employees. With the help of Oraroo, companies can modernize these processes, gaining increased organization and control, a reduction in administrative effort and an improved employer brand.

Specifically, Oraroo offers to the HR and Financial Departments:

  • A clear picture of the entire Company's Organizational Structure;
  • Management of Employment Contracts and Service Partners;
  • Management of Flexible Work Programs, Leaves, Attendance, and Overtime Hours;
  • Efficient Management of Expense Accounts and Business Travel;
  • Electronic Employee Record Management and Model-Based Document Generation
  • Effective Communication with Employees, Internal Climate Surveys;
  • Performance Review Process
  • Other Internal Administrative Services Specific to Each Company;
  • Automation of the service contract invoicing process based on complex pricing models, time, and results recorded by employees assigned to projects
  1. Employee Perspective:

Oraroo is an Employee Self-Service portal that provides employees with rapid access to all administrative processes through which they interact with the Company. With the help of Oraroo, employees can access, complete, and quickly send documents required by legal norms and internal company procedures, even in the context of remote work.

Specifically, Oraroo offers to Employees:

  • Visibility of available vacation days;
  • Visibility of their team work attendance;
  • Notifications and reminders;
  • Quick access to HR and Financial Administrative Flows;
  • Access to all Internal Services of the Company

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