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Crește eficiența companiei prin pontajul pe proiecte

Pontajul pe proiect permite echipei și managerilor de proiecte să obțină o viziune de ansamblu a utilizării timpului de lucru într-o manieră intuitivă. Completarea periodică a pontajului permite actualizarea informațiilor de cost și facilitează gestiunea eficienta a livrării proiectelor. Completarea corectă este baza pentru facturarea serviciilor. Analiza periodică a pontajelor poate evidenția oportunități de eficientizare și automatizare, dar și pune bazele unui estimat de resurse în viitor.

Projects timesheets as a tool to monitor their progress

The manager of any project-based company knows the challenges of organizing and assigning people to those activities. Moreover, he feels those of following the course and the results.

On the one hand, the goal of a manager is to develop the company and increase the number of profitable projects. On the other hand, his concern is to deliver these projects at a pace and with progress according to a sustainable growth. And for that he depends on all those he has them subordinate.

Projects timesheets responds to this need to know at any time what is the effort made on a project and the activity of each person involved in it. Once employees have their functions set, they are assigned with goals and tasks. At the end of each day they will complete their timesheet with their actions.

Other benefits of using Project timesheet

Based on the registered timesheets, the project managers can estimate the necessary resources in the next period for the realization of the projects.

All timesheets are registered on projects, in order to calculate the costs per project.

In other cases, the same timesheets are the basis for invoicing the services provided.

That is why it is important that they will be registered correctly, in accordance with reality and within legal limits. In this way, managers also ensure that no income is lost.

Periodic analysis of project timesheets reveals how to use human resources depending on the type of projects. Based on this, managers can make estimates for future needed resources.

Last but not least, the same periodic analysis of projects timesheets can highlight opportunities for efficiency: by simplifying processes, automation, training, etc.

Oraroo additional advantage

Due to the integration of operations management with labor administration, vacation (days off) information is entered by colleagues only once and available in both modules. This eliminates the multiple entry of the same information by colleagues.

Vacation leave information is also visible in the project timesheet screens so it helps:

  • employees can register timesheets on activities on the days when they are present at work
  • managers to understand those situations in which billable hours or effort are less than expected potential
Oraroo approach

As a project or team manager you need visibility to check the effort added by colleagues on your projects.

In the Oraroo platform this information added by each person in the Project Timesheet is visible to all team members.

The My Team Timesheets screen allows you to view the time added by each member of the team, based on the projects they worked on.

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You can determine the degree of completion of timesheets on projects, and based on filters, you can quickly select for viewing clients, projects, activities and employees.

For the manager, this table allows to observe that relevant progress on each project and offers a visibility on the impact of these actions. Moreover, it provides the data needed to make quick decisions to efficiencying the activities, or manage potential delays, to deliver the project efficiently and on time.