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Pontaj de salarizare automat și fară griji

Pontajul de salarizare este o activitate care implică un efort considerabil din partea responsabililor de Resurse Umane, întrucât uneori este necesară consultarea și verificarea mai multor surse. Noi am facilitat acest traiect prin crearea unei functionalități în platforma Oraroo, care automatizează acest proces. Pontajul se completează în mod automat, pe baza normei de lucru a angajaților și a cererilor de concediu adăugate și aprobate de manageri în sistem. Acesta poate fi exportat în format Excel direct de pe platformă, în funcție de luna pentru care se dorește verificarea datelor.

Timesheet, a basic element

The timesheet is one of the elements that underlie the preparation of the payroll statements. Considering art. 119 of the Law 53/2003 on the Labor Code, the employer has the obligation to keep records of the working hours performed by each employee and to submit to the control of the labor inspection this record whenever this is requested.

What is the actual timesheet? The timesheet is a supporting document, which certifies the number of hours worked by employees over a certain period of time, necessary for the calculation of salary benefits.

Its preparation is an activity that involves a considerable effort on the part of the Human Resources officials, as sometimes it is necessary to consult and verify several resources such as: confirmations from the managers regarding the employees' leave, the working time performed by them, unmotivated absences, overtime, etc. Manually consolidating the information received requires a lot of effort, especially when the number of employees in the organization is high.

The Oraroo platform helps to reduce the effort made by the Human Resources department, the downloading of the payroll being possible at a click away. It is completed automatically, based on the working hours of the employees and the leave requests added and approved by the managers in the system.

The payroll can be exported in Excel format directly from the platform, depending on the month for which you want to verify the data.

Export Pontaj Salarizare 1

The exported document is organized into 3 sections, with information on:

  1. the time worked according to the work schedule and the daily work schedule, the time interval worked, the types of leave performed and the days of leave remaining available or performed in advance;
  2. the positions, departments and cost centers to which the employees are assigned, as well as the information necessary for the payment and electronic transmission of the “flyers” of salaries;
  3. the administration of overtime, depending on their type (regular hours, night hours, public holidays, weekend hours) and their method of compensation.

Pontaj Salarizare Automat 1

Thus, using the Oraroo platform helps:

  • centralization in a single document of the time worked by the employees according to the work schedule and the daily work norm, the leave requests and the additional hours;
  • elimination of human errors, the traditional model of payroll being replaced by the introduction of an electronic data management system necessary for its preparation;
  • decrease the time allocated by Human Resources officials and managers for data verification and increase efficiency by allocating time and attention to other projects.