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Oraroo Use Case: Bulk Generation of Administrative Documents

HR departments have always faced the difficulties of managing files and documents in physical form. However, the current digitization trends open up new ways of simplification in this area.

In Oraroo can be generated administrative documents (eg. additional documents, certificates, contracts, etc.), based on a predefined template, for a larger number of employees at the same time – ”bulk” generation of data.

Bulk Generation in Oraroo - How it works

Step 1. From the list of employees, those for whom the required documents need to be generated can be selected

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Step 2. To achieve the desired selection more quickly, a filter can be applied (for example, if we want to delete external collaborators from the list)

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Step 3. Click the ”generate document” button, then choose the type of document you want from the list, then export. An archive of documents pre-filled with the data of the selected employees will be downloaded.

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Advantages of Bulk Generation
  • The process is simple and efficient and the time allocated by the HR department to pursuit an administrative procedure is significantly shorter;


  • Any document model or template is one ”click” away from an employee who has an administrative need;


  • Along with the efficiency of the process, the productivity of the employee increases;


  • The data system is centralized and easy to navigate or change
The Current Work Environment and the Necessity to Automate

Along with the popularization of the "work-from-home" or "hybrid" work regime, the need for the efficiency of employee management system has increased. Thus, it was found that the automation of certain procedures in the field of human resources has beneficial effects on the productivity, engagement and well-being of employees.

More specific, the digitization of procedures can provide an information base much faster to a company's departments and it can also helps to improve the overall work experience of an employee. Therefore, an employee who is working from home can solve various administrative procedures with a simple "click".

Oraroo Perspective

The bulk generation of documents procedure is just one of the features provided by the Oraroo platform. Oraroo facilitates a wide range of administrative procedures and promotes work performance and productivity.

For more details or a demo: contact@oraroo.eu