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People Analytics: What it means for a Company and Why is it Important?

The data obtained through the use of People Analytics are essential for the Management of a Company in the decision-making processes and the design of strategic plans that are developed both at micro, point-of-work teams, and macro, at the level of the entire Business.

People Analytics: Definition and Importance

People Analytics/HR Analytics is a series of procedures and methods for collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting human resources data in order to identify trends, patterns, relational patterns, etc. of the company’s employees in relation to its performance over a certain period of time.

Specifically, People Analytics may include Analysis of Employee Demographics; Evaluation of Employee Performance; Analysis of Costs and Benefits in Workforce Planning; Turnover Rates; Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Analysis, etc.

By using such procedures, for example, Managers can more quickly and efficiently identify weaknesses or, on the contrary, strengths of projects or employees within work teams. Based on this information, they can also create new development opportunities and strategies that improve the performance of employees and the Company as whole. Moreover, with the help of predictions generated based on HR Analytics, Managers can gain a broader perspective on the Company and can make more informed decisions to reduce costs and maintain “key employees”.

How can People Analytics be implemented and how can data be generated as efficiently as possible?

In order to generate and analyze predictions, indicators or other data as efficiently as possible based on HR analytics, a complete system that centralizes and analyzes human resource flows and project management, such as Oraroo, is a solution that brings with it several benefits:

  1. Oraroo automates the technical data collection and aggregation processes used in HR Analytics (e.g. Performance Review or Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Analysis), reducing on the one hand the time and effort to do this manually, and on the other hand avoiding processing errors.
  2. Through Oraroo, personalized reports and analyzes can be generated based on the data collected. For example, Oraroo can generate reports that contain details of turnover rates, identify patterns that show absenteeism or overwork tendencies or generate predictions about the company’s costs and benefits in various long-term projects.
What HR Analytics can Oraroo generate

Specifically, Oraroo can facilitate through its functionalities the generation of the following People Analytics:

  1. Turnover Rates - Oraroo can be used to identify the "key employees" of the Company, which helps to develop effective strategies for their Retention and Valorization. Oraroo can also provide indicators related to Turnover Rates, which can facilitate the discovery and timely addressing of problems that may arise within Teams or Departments.
  2. Feedback Collection and Analysis – Oraroo facilitates the Collection of Feedback from multiple directions (Feedback 360), both within and outside of the formal Individual Performance Review which helps to gain a broad perspective, better visibility and control over Employee Performance.
  3. Performance Review/Appraisal - Oraroo facilitates the entire Performance Review/Appraisal process both from a formal review perspective and on a point-by-point basis throughout the period for which the appraisal is conducted (more on Performance Review/Appraisal in Oraroo).
  4. Indicators of Employee Engagement – ​​ Oraroo can provide a number of indicators of Employee Engagement (eg trends in absenteeism or, conversely, overwork). In addition, Oraroo combines methods of measuring and identifying the degree of Engagement (e.g. the option to generate and share surveys) with the possibility of increasing the degree of Belonging in remote working conditions (more about Employee Engagement in Oraroo)
  5. Employee Experience Indicators – Analytical support provided by Oraroo helps identify employee needs and improve their experience within the Company. It also helps to strengthen the authenticity of the Manager-Employee relationship as well as to align and clarify the employee's goals and perspectives with the Company's values.
What other tools Oraroo offers in addition to other similar platforms

In addition to everything previously presented, Oraroo offers:

  • Integrated Analytical Tools for monitoring Employee Performance in correlation with Project Performance. Traditionally, monitoring employee and project performance has been approached separately, but using an integrated set of Analytics Tools allows for a more holistic approach and a more complete understanding of how Employee and Project Performance are interrelated and influence each other.
  • Saves the IT effort of implementing such a solution, while offering maximum flexibility of reporting capabilities, being able to easily integrate the data from Oraroo with other company data, offering both an API that can be easily integrated into solutions like Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau, as well as a PowerBI package with a set of standard analytics that can later be extended by the customer.
  • For IT companies, Oraroo also offers capabilities to correlate the effort made with the complexity of the activity detected at the level of Git repositories associated with the projects to which the employees are assigned.

For more details or a demo: contact@oraroo.eu