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Viața profesională într-un dosar și cum ajută el managerii

Dosarul angajatului contine toate informatiile legate de viata profesionala a acestuia in firma ta. În dosarul fizic e mai greu să găsești datele de care ai nevoie. În schimb, în format electronic poți oricând să faci o cautare și să ai rezultatul imediat. Informațiile sunt deja în sistem, iar tu ai acces la ele oricând, de oriunde, foarte ușor, sigur și rapid. Abordarea integrata face ca dosarul sa fie mereu actualizat cu noi documente generate in fluxurile HR. Mai putin de lucru pentru tine!

Employee file in the Oraroo platform

By entering the data from the employee’s file into the platform, Oraroo facilitates access to the information in it. In the physical file it is harder to find the data you need. Instead, in electronic format, you can always do a search and get the result immediately. The information is already in the system, and you have access to it anytime, from anywhere, very easy, secure and fast.

Oraroo offers the possibility of electronic registration and access to this file. Having all the information about an employee visible in one place makes your job as a Human Resources manager much easier. The documents that make up the file can be uploaded in the Attached Documents section.

Detalii Documente Angajat

Access to this information is made from the Employees screen. It provides a complete picture of that employee’s data from the start of the contract. Information such as the number and type of the Individual Employment Contract, the number of days off (vacation leave) and the work schedule can be found.

Lista De Angajati
Detalii Angajat Din Lista Angajati

In addition, personal information about that employee can also be accessed here. Often these are the data from the identity card, the studies, the contact data, the bank details, etc

Detalii Persoana

The information about the work schedule is an example of data from the employment contract that are part of the employee file. They complete the Work Schedule section in the Employee Details. By integrating with the project timesheets functionality, it makes possible to calculate the capacity available for each employee.

Programul De Lucru
What does the law say?

For each employee of the company, the human resources manager prepares a file containing a set of essential documents. It is a legal obligation, established by Goverment Decision 905/2017.

The employer has the obligation to keep the documents in this file safe and up to date. The law says that the employee’s file is kept in physical form at the employer’s headquarters. It must be constantly updated with documents certifying any change in the professional life of the employee in your company. The file will be made available to ITM inspectors at any time on request. Similarly, it will be made available to employees when they need a copy.

The file practically documents the professional life of the employee in your company. Any document relating to the employee must be included in this file. Prepared in the form required by law, the file must contain the documents specific to the following 4 categories:

  • Documents required for employment: copies of identity documents, studies, including certificates of participation in training or improvement courses, approval of labor medicine.
  • The individual employment contract accompanied by the job offer, the job description and the evaluation report according to the established criteria.
  • Additional acts regarding the completion, execution, suspension, modification and termination of the individual employment contract.
  • Other documents: the employee’s requests to take days off (vacation or unpaid), the statement on his own responsibility regarding the dependents for giving the personal deduction.

All documents and information in the employee’s file must be protected and treated in compliance with the legal requirements regarding the protection of personal data.

The content of the documents in the employee’s file are also useful in everyday situations, in resolving situations regarding employees. For example, certifying the home address with a copy of the identity card is useful for any correspondence to the employee. Also, requests for leave or medical leave certificates are important in salary calculations.