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Orele suplimentare - cum facem să nu fie un chin?

Pentru menținerea echilibrului între viața profesională și personală, cât și încadrarea în bugete, orele suplimentare reprezintă o soluție de excepție. Modul de recompensare uzual este prin ore libere plătite. Gestiunea manuală a acestor tipuri de recuperări este dificilă. Oraroo te ajută să gestionezi explicit și transparent fluxul de ore suplimentare, dar și recuperările în mod facil pentru angajat și manager. Integrarea cu pontajul pe proiecte permite declanșarea fluxului direct din gestiunea proiectelor.

Overtime as an exception and their record as a rule

In the activity of any company, situations arise in which certain projects require more urgent solving and involve working overtime. For example:

  • unexpected cases in daily activity
  • insufficient composition of teams.

Overtime means the hours worked by an employee outside the normal working hours, the one in which the employee performs the work, being at the disposal of the employer. And your responsibility, as a manager, is to manage in a transparent and explicit way the execution and reward of overtime, according to the Labor Code.

Overtime flow management in Oraroo

The process of requesting overtime requires quick completion, but also formalization.

In Oraroo, each manager can request overtime for his team members.

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Requests reach employees, and they can approve or reject the requests.

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The hours to be recovered, for compensation through free time, are indicated in the leave situation on the My Calendar screen of each employee.

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Subsequently, all overtime hours performed by employees will be grouped in the payroll timesheet, depending on the type of day (working day, weekend, public holiday) and the chosen method of compensation.

Requests for free hours to be recovered are made in the same way as those for vacation leave.

With Oraroo you can manage more efficiently the extra hours performed by employees. You have a clear situation of the total hours worked and how to recover them.

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How is additional work rewarded?

Thus, the reward of additional work, according to the legislation, is done in two ways:

1. Usually: by paid free hours in the next 90 calendar days, subsequent to the performance of overtime. Under these conditions, the employee benefits from the corresponding salary for the hours worked over the normal working hours.

This way of compensating for overtime is beneficial to both employees and the manager and company. Respects work-life balance and protects colleagues from the risks of overwork. At the same time, managers keep costs in budgeted parameters as much as possible. They are relatively fixed in relation to an employee and any excess impacts the entire company.

2. As an exception: if the previous option is not possible, a salary increase corresponding to the duration of the additional work will be paid. The increase cannot be less than 75% of the basic salary.

Overtime is requested by the manager and is performed with the consent of the employe. Working overtime is a practice used for situations that are not the usual way of working.

An alarm signal for you is when you find that you often ask employees to work overtime. It means that there is a problem of under-capacity, productivity, or planning. The solution is to adjust the capacity. A capacity is unbalanced, either because there is too much work or because people are not productive. Thus, either you add a competent person to the team, or you increase the competence of those you have.

The advantages of the Oraroo platform
  • Operational records of the hours to be recovered and the related period, integrated with the management of leave days

Oraroo offers an extended leave functionality, integrated with the overtime request flow. Through these records, employees can see how many hours they have to recover and take time off from those extra hours accumulated.

5. Cerere Concediu Ore Suplimentare Angajat

The platform eliminates the manual management of overtime hours worked and simplifies the record of the way of recovery within the legal deadlines.

  • Overtime is integrated with the project timesheet

Depending on the projects timesheet, the flow of request / approval for overtime can be triggered.

It is a way to harmonize the legal requirements with the real needs of the projects.

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