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Human Resource Administration

Human Resources Administration focuses on the processes and procedures that are followed in order to manage the human resources within a company. These workflows can vary depending on the size and needs of the organization, but there are some common elements that are typically included.

The first step in any human resources journey is the identification of the workforce that is needed. This includes structuring the required staff, the skills and experience that they should possess, and the tasks that they will be responsible for. Once the workforce is identified, recruitment follows, leading to the actual employee hire.

When the employees has confirmed the offer acceptance and contract signoff, they need to be onboarded into the company. This includes providing them with the necessary inventory and systems access, but also training and orientation so that they are able to perform their job duties effectively. Additionally, the onboarding process should also include a review of the company's policies and procedures.

Once the employees are onboard and working, they will need to be managed on an ongoing basis. This starts with the ability of providing quick answers to usual employee requests needed to properly do his job, as well as handling more complex aspects such as performance reviews, coaching and development, and managing any disciplinary issues that may arise. In parallel, management and  human resources team will also be responsible to monitor various employee performance and operational indicators that need to be quickly accessible..

Oraroo provides an effective manner to deal with the whole spectrum of human resources administration activities, allowing companies to develop an effective and efficient workforce.


Organization Structure

As companies grow and expand their operations, they often need to reevaluate and adjust their organization structures. A company's organizational structure is the way that it is set up to achieve its goals. There are many different types of organizational structures, and Oraroo supports all of them.

The most common type of organizational structure is a hierarchical structure, in which there is a clear chain of command and authority. This type of structure is simple and efficient, and it works well for companies that have a clear division of labor. However, hierarchical structures can be inflexible and slow to respond to change.

Another common type of organizational structure is a matrix structure. In a matrix structure, there is more than one chain of command, and employees report to more than one manager. This type of structure is more flexible than a hierarchical structure and can help companies respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. However, matrix structures can be confusing and difficult to manage.

The best organizational structure for a company depends on its specific needs. Large companies often have complex operations and need to be able to respond quickly to changes. For these companies, a matrix structure may be the best option. Smaller companies may be able to get by with a simpler hierarchical structure. 

Ultimately, the best organizational structure for a company depends on its size, industry, and goals and it actually is the one that helps best a company to achieve its goals.

Organizational chart, Job Descriptions, Positions
Organizational chart, Job Descriptions, Positions

You can create your company's organisation chart as a structure of organisation units, which are management structures of various levels (department, division, office, service).

Your team has therefore permanent visibility on your company organisation chart, with different perspectives:

  • One of organisation units hierarchy,
  • One of positions within various organisation units, occupied or not by your colleagues, together with the managers of these units (similar to a statement of functions in graphical form)
  • One of operational subordination hierarchy, whenever it is different from the organisation units hierarchy.

When setting up the organisation unit, you can define the positions in the component, as well as the number of positions according to the approved budget. Also here is designated the position that has the role of leader of the organisation unit.

Employment contract and other forms of work

In general, a company can administrate various types of employment contracts. Human Resources Team can administrate full-time, part-time and flexible-time labour contracts în Oraroo. Every employee has its own detail screen, where information related to employment data, work schedule, position or vacation days can be accesed.

The dynamics of the companies' activity require the provision of human resources with specific expertise for temporary periods of time. That's why in Oraroo, in addition to employees, you can also keep track of Service Partners who support the Company's projects for a limited period (e.g. rented staff, external consultants).

You may grant Service Partners limited access to view information in Oraroo, having the possibility to access only the following sections:

  • My Timesheet: records the time worked only on the projects with existing assignments;
  • My Calendar: check his project assignments or request days off;
  • My Expenses: record expenses that will be forwarded to the finance team for settlement.
Employment contract and other forms of work
Groups of Companies in Oraroo
Groups of Companies in Oraroo

The trend of groups of companies sharing same systems is on the rise . The main advantages of this approach are reducing costs and increasing efficiency . By consolid ating various business processes and systems , organisations can avoid duplication and overlap , which can lead to significant cost savings .

In addition , sharing systems will help organisations to significantly improve communication and collaboration between different departments and business units . When everyone is using the same platform , it is easier to exchange information and ideas , and to work together on projects . This can lead to improved efficiency and productivity .

Oraroo supports this approach out of the box. One of the companies in the group becomes the Oraroo account owner, then all the companies in the group are registered with a special type of Organization Unit, with their own structure of divisions and departments underneath.

This approach allows a great level of flexibility, allowing a group of companies to work together as onet, while generating regulatory-relevant outputs, such as payroll export or invoicing, per each individual company in the group.


Employee Contracts and Documents

When it comes to employee contracts and document administration, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to have a clear and concise contract that outlines the expectations of both the employer and the employee. The contract should include things like job duties, salary, and benefits.

In addition to the contract, there are a few other important documents that should be kept on file. These include the employee job description, which outlines the specific duties and responsibilities of the employee, legally required documents provided by employee as part of onboarding process and other documents which reflect employee requests and justifications, changes in position, etc

It’s very important to have a system in place for tracking and managing employee documents.  Having a good system in place will help to ensure that all of the necessary documents are easily accessible and that nothing gets lost. It is important to keep them organized and up to date. This means regularly reviewing and updating the documents as needed, and keeping them in a central location where they can be easily accessed by both the employer and the employee.

Oraroo can be your electronic repository of employee documents, so you can ensure that your employee contracts and document administration are both efficient and effective. 

Oraroo allows you to define document types that both allow proper classification of employee documents, as well as setting up confidentiality levels. You can decide to what documents the employee has access to, as well as what the direct manager has access to.

Employee Documents
Employee Documents

Oraroo offers the possibility of registering and accessing the Employee File electronically. Having all the information about an employee visible in one place makes your work as a Human Resources manager much easier.

The Employee File can be accesed from Employee Detail Screen, which is available for each person hired in the company. It provides a complete picture of that employee's data, from the beginning of the employment contract.

Data such as employment documents (copy of ID Card, Labour Medicine statement, various employee statements, birth certificate, marriage certificate, job description, CV etc.), labour contract, other additional contract to labour contract, study or courses diplomas, or any other documents required and relevant by the company can be stored in Attachments - Employee File section. You can upload links to external websites or documents, various file formats being accepted by Oraroo, such as pdf, excel, word, jpg, png etc.

Employee Workflows Documents

In Oraroo, various flows can be triggered that directly involve Employees (approving leave requests, approving expense reports, approving work location planning, etc.), and as a manager or a human resources responsible you may request certain documents from employees, depending on the situation.

A common case is the approval of a sick leave. The company will need supporting documents (medical certificates) to approve such leave. Employees can upload the requested documents during absence request approval flow, and further they are saved in the details of each employee, on the Attachments - Other documents section. Thus, human resources responsibles have quick access to data and documents, and the risk of losing uploaded documents is considerably reduced.

Employee Workflows Documents
Employee Details
Employee Details

With Oraroo, Human Resource Administration teams can manage employment related details such as:

  • Information about the contract - date of employment, date of signing, contract number, termination date or reason;
  • Information about the place and type of work - position, work point, the existence of telework clauses, the norm and work schedule;
  • Compensation and benefits - salary, vacation days or others;
  • Employee folder: all human resource-related documents, such as ID copy, marriage certificates, birth certificates, work declarations etc.
  • Qualifications: professional skills, knowledges or abilities;
  • Various indicators to point out the profitability and expenses in the company, for that specific employee;

For each employee there is a dedicated screen with the details described above, which can be accesed only by Human Resources Administration Teams.


Reports and Calculated Indicators

Operational and performance indicators are tools used by businesses to better understand employees activity and measure their productivity. By tracking these indicators, businesses can identify areas where employees need improvement and make changes to increase productivity.

There are a variety of operational and performance indicators businesses can track; some common ones include:

-Number of sales calls made
-Number of emails sent
-Number of tasks completed
-Number of support tickets resolved

Tracking employee operational and performance indicators can be done manually or through the use of software. 

For every type of employee workflow, Oraroo is tracking a set of related operational indicators at employee level, which could be also used to measure his/her performance. Direct managers but also top management and HR can monitor these employee indicators and track their evolution in time.

Whenever such indicators are calculated in an external system, their values can be imported in Oraroo, providing a correlated view that can help understand levels of employee engagement and drive professional development programs.