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Oraroo susține inovațiile în transformare digitală la Crowe

Comunicat de presă

Bucuresti, 1.11.2021

Odată cu creșterea afacerii vine și nevoia de a unifica modul în care proiectele sunt gestionate în companie: operațiuni, aspecte comerciale sau de resurse umane. Crowe România va atinge acest obiectiv folosind o singură platformă: Oraroo, simplificând și automatizând procesele operaționale consumatoare de timp. Astfel, Crowe are un instrument de management operațional integrat, pentru optimizarea profitabilității, îmbunătățirea relației cu clienții și gestiunea forței de muncă.


Oraroo (oraroo.eu), the business productivity solution that helps professional service companies manage their entire workflow on the same platform, announces today the partnership with Crowe Romania, part of Crowe’s global consulting, audit and accounting network, listed in top 10 specialized networks worldwide.

The partnership is an integral part of Crowe’s digital transformation initiative in Romania, created to centralize and automate business information and, ultimately, to increase efficiency and operational productivity.

As a result of the merger between Finexpert and Boscolo, Crowe Romania ranks 6th nationally in the top consulting, accounting and auditing companies, according to turnover. The new company will have an annual turnover of approximately 9 million EURO. The 230 specialists will work for 1,000 local and international clients.

Along with this growth comes the need to manage projects and services offered to customers in an integrated way, so that all operational, commercial or human resources aspects that contribute to their success can be accessed in a single platform.

Using Oraroo, Crowe will achieve this goal by simplifying time-consuming processes. As a result, the consulting firm can now make better management decisions and have a more strategic approach in terms of project management, operations, human resources and business issues involved in customer relations.

“We are excited to implement the Oraroo platform,” explains Manuela Furdui, Managing Partner of Crowe Romania. to focus on more important things: innovation, customer support and quality services. It will help us become more efficient, organized and automate a lot of time-consuming tasks. Oraroo streamlines a number of aspects of internal communication on projects in the company and will facilitate the easier implementation of new processes, technologies. We want to continue to cultivate our “stronger together” mentality and align our entire organization. Using the same platform is the next step in this direction. “

The key advantages that Crowe Romania expects to see from the partnership include:

  • Tracking all stages of the project in real time
  • Control over workflows on a single platform (contracts, projects and human resources involved)
  • Centralized service catalog and contract management
  • Invoicing and the ability to integrate business flows with the accounting system
  • Clarity on the profitability of each project depending on the resources and time invested by the team
  • Indicators for measuring individual and team productivity
  • Real-time dashboards customized by hierarchy
  • Aggregation and correlation of historical data from multiple internal sources to ensure easy adoption and transition to the new platform
  • Centralized and managed data to inform better business decisions
  • Supporting operational teams with intuitive workflows so that they can better focus on business objectives

“It is fantastic to work with Crowe Romania to help them drive their digital transformation,” said Cristian Mindricelu, Oraroo Founder. “As the world becomes more and more a digital place, and remote work becomes commonplace, it is companies that automate their workflows that will thrive. In addition, structured processes bring comfort to the team, attracting the trust and motivation of employees. The success of this project is from our point of view only the beginning of a long and valuable partnership with the Crowe Romania team “

About Crowe Romania

Crowe Romania is a member of Crowe, a global network of consulting, auditing and accounting, developed to support companies that make cross-border commitments. Listed in the top 10 specialized networks worldwide, with over 33,000 professionals grouped in 750 locations, Crowe offers detailed and transparent expertise in over 130 countries worldwide.

Part of the international professional network, the company has unlimited access to information, thus ensuring the support and expertise of professionals from all over the world in the effort to find the best solutions for its clients. As an independent member of Crowe, the company operates on the basis of a common set of core values, committing itself to providing impeccable services, at international quality standards, for all customers, regardless of their location.

About Oraroo

The remote work model of creative and professional service companies requires solutions for work management.

In this context, Oraroo aims to improve operational and financial performance of the companies professional services and unites in a single system  project management ,  resource management ,  pricing  and  billing  contracts, workforce management, reporting to management and integration with existing systems .

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