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Stabilirea locului de desfășurare a muncii angajaților este o nevoie operațională cât și o obligație de conformitate. Un proces de colectare și centralizare bazat pe foi de calcul și control manual generează inerent erori de date, cât și constrângeri în consultarea acestor informații. Oraroo structurează procesul de colectare a acestor date, poate lua în calcul capacitatea spațiului de muncă (modele hibrid de lucru) și automatizează accesul la informații oferind vizibilitate întregii echipe.

Management of the place where the activity takes place

The flexibility of the hours and the space for carrying out the activity of the employees and collaborators creates complexity in the work planning. This is one of the challenges facing every manager, regardless of the field of activity. Many of the options we have today in relation to the program and the office come with a clear need to organize employees and their activities. Managers and colleagues in the HR department have this responsibility.

Usually, managers are the ones who plan the work schedule for each employee, including the place of work. The manual process of collecting and centralizing at the level of the HR department some spreadsheets completed by managers is difficult.

In addition, it takes time and can lead to processing errors. Subsequently, the collected data is not visible to employees and managers. They need interaction with those data, they have an operational character, not only conformity.

Oraroo approach

The Oraroo platform includes a section that structures this information and automates access to them. In this way, Oraroo comes to the aid of managers and those in the HR department with a handy solution.

All plans for where an employee works are reflected in My team calendar.

1. Calendarul Echipei Mele Prima Poza 1024x295

Here the manager can make the assignments, choosing one of the three categories:

Here the manager can make the assignments, choosing one of the three categories:

  • Home
  • At the client's headquarters
  • At the company's headquarters

In the Company - My Team section, he sees whether or not people have the planning done and can designate a place for them to work according to the specifications of the projects to which they are assigned.

These plans are visible not only to managers, but to all team members, making possible a much more effective communication between colleagues. All employees know at any time where any of those involved in a project are.

Oraroo advantage

In Oraroo you can also define the capacity of a workplace - for example the number of jobs. It is a useful feature in many contexts - for keeping the distance in the COVID pandemic or in the hybrid working mode, in which offices have less capacity than the total number of employees.

If one of the people, for example, cannot be at the place designated in the planning, he can request a change of allocation, which will go to the manager for approval. In this way, a flow of request and approval of work from home can be implemented, at the request of the employee.

2. Calendarul Echipei Mele Angajatul Cere O Noua Planificare a Doua Poza Var. 1 1024x463

Once the application is approved, the place of work will be visible to all those interested in its activity.

3. Calendarul Echipei Mele Managerul Primeste Solicitare De Aprobare Planificare a Doua Poza Var. 2

In addition, all workplace planning is reflected in the Attendance Report. This is accessible in Quick Actions - Export Attendance Report.

4. Foaie Colectiva De Prezenta a Treia Poza 1024x491

With this automation in Oraroo, managers or the people in charge of the HR no longer have to manually complete the place of work in this document.

Thus, the benefits of this functionality in Oraroo are:

  • Visibility offered to the entire team, for a more efficient development of the activity.
  • Reducing the risks of data entry errors and eliminating the risks of errors in processing the collected data.
  • Completing the place of work in the attendance report is no longer a time consuming activity.